23:d of April at Kontext Norragrängesbergsg. 19 at 8pm

The last Cafe Montag for the season equals GRAND FINALE!

(we will be back in late oktober)

day: Monday 23th of april

time: 8pm

place: Kontext, Norragrängesbergsgatan 19

On stage:

Kathrine Brucker - talks about BONGODOX - a video documentary project in Tanzania. A group of young people from a local NGO have received basic video training and are now using film to raise awareness and urge citizens to give their views on HIV/AIDS and environmental problems."


GNU - Awsome young rookie-band "popkollo-represent!" (girlsrockcamp)

Funked Up - Young band explodes in a passionate grand mixture of styles and sounds. Pretty funked up that is.


Orlando Jimmy Åkesson Bohm - Fantastic anarcho-queer gamegeek poet

Birds on Clouds - At last the full content of the sevenpeopleband - gives mellow pop.

Ida Eriksson - graduationconsert of the no.1 Nyckelharpa virtuoso, and band.

Bring your instruments and make your own toilettsession with your friends!

Be a part of the "toalettsessions" internet-movement! Filmed by the original toalettsessionfilmer - Johan Nilsson



The one-of-a-kind audioinstallation/ coffeebar invades the Kontext kitchen.

Contactmics on the espressomachine gives music and free coffee to the beloved Montag-audience!


with love/ team Montag

15th March 2010

Who would have thought that this Monday night would end up in a wild bash with everybody dancing to DJ Michael Paul Hilario spinning the classic Dr. Alban?! First performer was singer-songwriter Drew Taylor from Canada with songs of his own and a very special prayer. Thereafter The Poet Bastards from Copenhagen with two great poetry sessions shaking up the somewhat immobilized world of political correctness. Connected via a live video conference from Johnson's Corner truck stop in Loveland, Colorado, USA, Alex Sharp Cole released his anthem song Möllan Town. Hannah and Kristin with a beautiful mix on guitar, accordion, violin and mini-synth, and Patrik Högberg with a special in remembrance of Idus Martiae, the murder of Gaius Julius Caesar. Thank you all, this was tremendously great!

PS: Alex would like to perform his song at the Möllevangsfestivalen 2010, please help to bring him home!

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