23:d of April at Kontext Norragrängesbergsg. 19 at 8pm

The last Cafe Montag for the season equals GRAND FINALE!

(we will be back in late oktober)

day: Monday 23th of april

time: 8pm

place: Kontext, Norragrängesbergsgatan 19

On stage:

Kathrine Brucker - talks about BONGODOX - a video documentary project in Tanzania. A group of young people from a local NGO have received basic video training and are now using film to raise awareness and urge citizens to give their views on HIV/AIDS and environmental problems."


GNU - Awsome young rookie-band "popkollo-represent!" (girlsrockcamp)

Funked Up - Young band explodes in a passionate grand mixture of styles and sounds. Pretty funked up that is.


Orlando Jimmy Åkesson Bohm - Fantastic anarcho-queer gamegeek poet

Birds on Clouds - At last the full content of the sevenpeopleband - gives mellow pop.

Ida Eriksson - graduationconsert of the no.1 Nyckelharpa virtuoso, and band.

Bring your instruments and make your own toilettsession with your friends!

Be a part of the "toalettsessions" internet-movement! Filmed by the original toalettsessionfilmer - Johan Nilsson



The one-of-a-kind audioinstallation/ coffeebar invades the Kontext kitchen.

Contactmics on the espressomachine gives music and free coffee to the beloved Montag-audience!


with love/ team Montag

15th February 2010

A remarkable marathon night with one act better than the other: DJ Peter Henning on the decks, "walk in" performer Lotta Allard with amazing songs of her own, Anders Mattson with a demonstration of live recorded British railway locomotives from the late 1920s, Claus Haxholm and Kristian Poulson from Copenhagen with an intense experimental guitar session, the wonderful Sara Thuresson sounding absolutely in tune on a slightly detuned piano, Freigeist Anders Carlsson from Institutet with some love songs a la Bonnie Prince Billy, the great Thomas with yet another superb session, PH with songs from the old and new West, and last but not least Old Lost John on guitar and air trumpet supported by Ida. Wow! So many talented wonderful people, where do they all come from? Thank you all for making this happening!

PS: Jesper Andersson has written a supplementary explanation to his lecture "A critical review on mysticism" on the 25th of January 2010. Thanks Jesper!

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